Boxes checked and excitement on rise!!

I’m the sort of person who’s not adverse to adding already ticked off things to a To Do list, so as to feel more organised.  Yep.

So apart from being a pin cushion and saving like a lunatic (thanks Mum for semi-regular injections of funds for a beer out with friends, keeping me in some kind of social life!!), here’re a few things on my combined Done/Pending:

To Do List Pre-South America Adventure


Awesomeness in General

  • Taking salsa lessons in weeks leading up to departure.  Don’t wanna be too rigid and ridic. in the early days over there!

Food and Exercise

  • Entering fifth month of vegetarianism in preparation for the onslaught of a carnivorous lifestyle in aforementioned Brazil and Argentina.  Can’t be helped over there it seems.  My stomach’s gonna kill me.
  • Exercising more, in hopes of not feeling like total pasty Anglo shite against a back drop of Latinas.


  • Rad hiking shoes for Inca Trail bought…and currently on, supposedly being worn in by the soft carpet of my home and my frequent trips to the kitchen for cups of tea.  Bottoms are basically bike tyres.  No slipping down rocky ravines for me!
  • Thanking Dad once again for being British and allowing me, his antsy daughter, Visa free entry into Brazil and Argentina.  Cheers!


  • Keeping myself in Spanish prowess with language exchange during the week, and by reading a book written by a Madrileño author detailing a horrid post apocalyptic Australia whereby almost all men have become homicidal maniacs.  Highlighter at the ready for new words.
  • Dreaming of being able to speak Portuguese in a year’s time.  Saying in my mind anything I know the word for.  “Carro.”  Ha!  Well done, Erin.

🙂  Yay!



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