Campus de la Universidad de Concepción

How to Play Dudo

I am a poor loser at board games. It’s true. And sad. But true. While in Concepción, Cristian introduced me to Dudo, a game not unlike Shithead, but with dice instead of cards.

Each person is given a small cup (a cacho) with five dice. After shaking the dice well, everyone rolls theirs onto the table, and covering them with their cacho, decide how many of each number they believe are on the table in total.

BUT FIRST, A bit of vocab’s necessary:

  • 1 – ases
  • 2 – tontos
  • 3 – trenes
  • 4 – cuartas
  •  5 – quinas
  • 6 – sexta

The first person begins, and decides what figure they’ll make a guess about. Eg “cuatro trenes” (four 3s). The next person must either decide to believe that the amount guessed is true (igualar: play ends here, it’s a boring choice of move), doubt it (dudar) or believe that it’s higher (incrementar). If you choose to increment, you must guess a higher figure, or change the number guessed to a higher figure (eg, Person 1 guesses that there are four tontos but your counter guess of two quinas is considered higher. You then continue playing with fives. Play continues until it’s time to reveal what’s there. If you’re wrong, you lose a die and essentially have less wriggle room.

I lost one die, two, many. I died, you could say.

Technique evades me every time in these sorts of games. It seems that I have no poker face whatsover and that people believe the exact opposite of what I’m trying to communicate. I’m also way too honest and believe what people tell me. Honest girl with open face ready to listen to you completely and understand what you tell her? All these seem to be lovely qualities in life…but not while trying to kick ass at Dudo or Shithead.

I declared that the gods were against me and decided to open a bottle of wine instead of playing the third game.


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