Graffiti, Salta Argentina

Thanks for the Honesty

Two moments of strangers being lovely have particularly caught my attention while here in Argentina – and while this is not really the forum to thank them, I would still like to extend a throughly large thank you and spectacular congratulations to:

The Ghostly White Lady…

…who slid into view while I was boarding my first subte (metro) in Buenos Aires, gathered herself and laboriously whispered “Your baaaaag.  Beee careful” as the doors shut in front of her.  As no one else reacted at all, I started to think I’d imagined her.


The Ridiculously Honest Man….

…who chased me up a flight of stairs here on Cerro San Bernado in Salta (post my having been verbally accosted by an odd ball stranger asking me to be his girlfriend) to inform me that ARG$15 (less than $5) had fallen from my jeans pocket.  Props.


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