Introducing “Wandering Souls.”

Before traveling, I knew I needed some time to sort out a few questions that were ploughing track marks in my grey matter.  I thought I would never come to the end of them, or find answers…but slowly the clouds are clearing.

And now, I realise more than ever that the clouds were not my own, but are shared by everyone.

I have to say, I thought I was an oddity.  I think everyone does, as sometimes we just can’t see what the reality of our situation is.

When this happens, we need others to help us pull aside the dusty curtains.  Talking to people and seeing how we’re all here together helps me so much more than I can say.

For this reason, I decided to conduct mini interviews with people I’d meet while traveling.

  • To see what they thought about the questions which had been stirring in my mind.
  • To see if nationality affects us as much as we might think.
  • To see if anyone really has got it together.

Wandering Souls is in its early days – but will grow as I cross paths with more, as yet unknown, people here in South America.

Individual interviews will be uploaded weekly and logged under the “Wandering Souls” category at the right of the page.

But for now here’s a quadruple whammy: I invite you to meet our first four wandering souls: Marisha Naz, Randall Howlett, Henry Flores and Nick Drew.



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