Nick Drew, 26, London

Nick entered our tour jeep, ready to go and see Uyuni’s Salt Flats and confident that no amount of altitude sickness would get in the way of drinking a couple of ales.  He was right.  We spent five days in Bolivia exploring landscapes we never thought we’d see, and being blown away by the antics of flamingos and the fact that a lake can in fact be naturally blood red.  Nick works as a lawyer in London, though admits to not fitting that particular stereotype.  His next adventure will see him in the not too distant future traipsing through Africa.

Nick and a colourful jelly
Nick has an impressive ability to stomach jellies at 8.30am…

How has being English left its mark on you?

Generally, I don’t consider myself as terribly English.  I find other cultures so much more interesting, I don’t feel patriotic to any one nation.  I’m here in Bolivia when the Olympic Games are on, after all!  I feel that I’m more suited to other cultures.

What would your 13-year-old self think about you if they met you?

That’s half my age!  I’ve changed as much in the second half as in the first.  I can’t remember what I was like, to be honest, although when I was 13 I was a lot more reserved.  I have grown into myself more.

If you could meet your 13-year-old self, what would you say to him?

Say what’s on your mind.

How do you make decisions?

It depends.  I’m somebody that would calculate the pros and cons.  But if it was something straight forward, I wouldn’t think about it for even ten minutes.

Do you think you’re on the right path?

(Emphatically)  Yeah.

How do you feel when you think about your future?

I don’t think about it in detail.  But I do plan out what countries I want to visit!

What fascinates you about England?

That apart from the United States, it’s the only other area in the world with such a level of diversity of people.  I’d say that London and New York would be the only two cities with that degree of multiculturalism.

About humanity?

That everybody’s different.

About yourself?

That considering most people who have my background and career; I’m very different.

What scares you about England?

Not a lot truly keeps me up at night.  But it is scary how so many people are frightened to be patriotic because of being called a racist.  Britain often doesn’t stand up for itself enough, for fear of being called racist.

About humanity?

I don’t know – that’s a hard question!

About yourself?

That I think I’m going to die young.  Sometimes, I surprise myself by doing things which aren’t logical.  I wouldn’t say no to anything.


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