Balloons in a Car

My Favourite Photo in Ages

Balloons in a Car
This scene made my Sunday morning…

One Sunday morning in Sucre, friends and I were up much too early to be pleased about.  There we were at 8am, ready to go to the Tarabuco markets, and nursing a variety of drinks to get us through the bus ride:  Coffees, and market smoothies high on the list.

Feeling a little worse for wear, we were squinting at the sun and wondering how the morning would go when we saw this scene across the street:  A couple trying to stuff an inordinate number of balloons into a small car.

By the time we’d left 20 minutes later, they hadn’t yet succeeded in their quest.

We never did find out if the balloons were for a wedding, football match, or just because it was Sunday…but the brave war waged by these people in the quest for party decorations will never be forgotten.


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