My Favourite Photo in Ages #2

Bored Dog with BalloonOk, I’m cheating a little bit here.  This photo has nothing whatsoever to do with South America.  But every time I think about the little guy in the pic I chuckle…and when this happens I sometimes move on to a snort-laugh…and when all of that happens to me while I’m alone in public, it’s kinda embarrassing.  So please, bear with me while I share.

I had just started a road trip from Seattle to Phoenix with Mandy, Kelsey, Albert and Miranda, some of my best friends.  We had all met in twos or threes and were joining forces as a kinda of friends cocktail (we were such a mix of nationalities and personalities that we started to want to have t-shirts produced to tell the story of how we met each time a perky American accent asked us “Wow, how did you guys MEET?”)  We were in Portland, Oregon when I saw this pooch.

A festival was raging on in the streets of Portland – beers, snacky festival food, music, guys on stilts and babies galore decorating the sidelines – and this little guy was just OVER IT.  Like a six-year-old pulling on their mum’s hem as she chats and chats and CHATS to her friend at the supermarket, he had no real option but to lie there and wait…with a balloon tied comically to his collar, representing the euphoria he did not feel.

Ohhhh, I wanted to take him home.


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