My Favourite Photo in Ages: When a Demonstration Becomes a Dance-Off

Far more than one arquipeño proudly told Max and me that they are a firey sort of folk; guerrilla-like and lovers of life.  On reflection, this is probably not such a surprising characteristic when you consider that Arequipa’s founders decided to park their llamas and plant their potato crops at the base of not one, but three volcanoes.

While we were in Arequipa, a variety of different demonstrations took place; to do with the ever present niggles of low teachers’ salaries and issues in indigenous communities.  This picture is from the latter; a colourful protest involving song and dance regarding the need to better resources and infrastructure in an isolated community near the city.

Peruvian Traditional Dress Arequipa
All in a flurry…

3 thoughts on “My Favourite Photo in Ages: When a Demonstration Becomes a Dance-Off

  1. Great pic and blog Erin and possibly one of the reasons why Sendero Luminoso has one of the simply best names for any stern and dour Maoist insurgent movement I’ve ever come across 🙂 Hope the travels and you are all still going well.

      1. All well here thanks Erin and relatively calm in the build up to Xmas after the exertions of watching you and Max on Machu Picchu, hosting her here for a few days, and introducing her to Bristol, Bath, Bonfires and Banksy. And we even managed a couple of Pisco Sours too 🙂 . Take care on your fascinating travels and just keep on blogging with those great pics.

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