Wine at Tempus Alba

My Favourite Pic in Ages: A Wine Free-for-all

There are definitely friends we all should have.  A doctor.  Lawyer.  Travel agent.  Builder.  Sparky.  Plumber.  Tradesman in general.  Hairdresser.  Wedding cake maker.  Photographer.  The benefits are obvious – health and legal advice, plane tickets, construction work and wedding help at mate’s rates?  Hell, yeah.  But I’d like to add another must-have friend:  the wine distributor.

In Mendoza I became a more stoked version of my usually upbeat self after meeting Eze, a lifelong friend of a friend whose current passion is wine.  He invited us along to a tasting at his beautiful shop, where we mingled with industry professionals quaffing and rating away, and then took the leftovers back to a barbeque at his place.  And some leftovers they were.   Dozens of bottles of red wine showcasting some of the region’s work; 18 different takes on Mendoza’s famous Malbec grape over three price ranges.

It was like Christmas morning.  So much to sample, so much flavour and colour.  So much promise.  And yes, it was beautiful – until the dreaded red wine headache came looking for me.  A point at which after a two night marathon sampling, this more stoked version of my usually upbeat self was forced to accept defeat, say adios amigos…and go pass out and sleep very deeply indeed.

18 Bottles of Argentinian Malbec


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