Flowers Man and Dog

Wildflowers on a Sunday Morning

Though it wasn’t a sunny or even particularly beautiful day, it was Sunday morning…and that in itself was cause for celebration.

Man and Black Dog


That expanse of time and great absence of thought where breakfast and lunch cuddle up and merge into one…

Where newspapers are read (or tablets flicked over)…

One coffee is not enough…

And nature demands to be seen…

Man and Black LabradorWe took ourselves and the pup off to a slope not far away, where an easy ascent passed slideshow-like through constantly changing scenery.  From green groves suggesting fairies hiding beneath leaves, to open expanses sparsely spotted with occasional trees, to a graveyard of strewn black trunks left after their leafy tops took flight, we walked…

Happy Black Labrador

Pup never stopped smiling.

Once at the top, flowers became the protagonists.

Chilean Flowers, Yellow Flowers

So many colours and designs…

Chilean Flowers, Red Flowers Chilean Flowers, Purple Flowers Chilean Flowers, Yellow FlowersIt’s entirely possible that half of them were just weeds dressed nicely…

Chilean Flowers, False Tulip Chilean Flowers, Yellow Fuzzy Flowers…But they still deserved their little moment of attention.

Over to you…

What’s your favourite thing to do on a Sunday?

Cloudy Morning on a Mountain Chilean Flowers, Yellow Flowers


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