Tropical Colombian Fruit

My Favourite Pic in Ages: Colombian Super Mario Bros Fruit

Tropical Colombian Fruit

What I loved about Colombia – well, one of the many things I can list without even trying – was being presented at each turn by increasingly bizarre fruits. These tropical designs – whether beautiful, alien-like or as if put together hastily by hyper children – always deserved a second look, and a happy moment digging away at them with a spoon.

Here, we’re in San Cipriano in the presence of a fruit whose name I’ve entirely forgotten which wouldn’t look at all strange placed in the middle of a 1990s Super Mario game. Outside: bobbly yellow, soft rubbery skin. Inside: sweet, white flesh dotted with smooth black seeds. Crazy? Sure. Yummy? Yep!


4 thoughts on “My Favourite Pic in Ages: Colombian Super Mario Bros Fruit

  1. The name of the fruit is pitaya. Look up “pitaya colombiana” and it will come up. I just hope you were warned NOT to bite the seeds or you will have to visit the restroom very often for the next couple hours.
    I was on a Bogota-Cartagena flight once, many years ago and they served this as a snack. I can’t tell you what the line for the bathrooms was like!!!! the plane could not land soon enough.

    1. Oh my goodness – no one told me that! Luckily I didn’t have any problems, though it sounds like it can be a pretty dangerous little fruit! What an awful experience!

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