Lagoa da Conceicao, Florianopolis

Psyche up Your Summer: Top 5 Beaches to Visit in Florianopolis

So, it’s well and truly summer time.

The ever-rising mercury tells us so. The intense craving for icy cold beer that just won’t go away agrees. As do the omnipresent teeny-tiny-short-shorts coupled with evening news reports on how to avoid spontaneous combustion from heat exhaustion.

And, as usual, once summer’s reared its red-hot little head, there’s a country which can’t help but pop into our collective minds…


And it’s myriad of beaches.

We all know it: alongside meat and carb-laden food, policemen with questionable morals, football stars and lilting Portuguese, lies a coast absolutely chock full of praias; each of which only gets more and more beautiful than the last. For travellers and beach lovers, Florianopolis – an island in the country’s south – is a mesmerising starting point for Brazilian beach sampling.

From popular, cocktail-laden Mole to peaceful Forte, Florianopolis’s beaches are joys to the eyes and soul. And guys, we’re talking water even your beach-hating friend will have to be dragged out of. (Take it from me: I am that friend.)

Here are some moments from a handful of Florianopolis’s many worthy, delicious beaches.


Forte beach Florianopolis

Forte beach Florianopolis


Daniela beach, Florianopolis


Matadeiros beach, Florianopolis

Matadeiros beach, Florianopolis


Soledao beach, Florianopolis


Mole beach, Florianopolis

Mole beach, Florianopolis




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