I’m Erin, a serial expat with stretches of longish-term travel thrown in.  

Living out of a backpack gives me a silly little kick (I guess I really dig sink-washing my underwear and having almost no choice in clothes), a kick matched only by how much I love arranging pretty toiletries  in the bathroom and having a spice shelf in my kitchen.

Basically, I create homes for myself in new cities, before, at some point, wanting desperately to leave again.  I’m a happy homebody in a fearless traveller’s body.  Right now in one of those “create a new home” phases, this time in Chile. 

Being an expat (especially a serial one) means upping, going and getting up to scratch with new countries – not to Instaspam pics of your meals to friends back home, but to work, live, integrate yourself into the culture and hopefully enjoy the heck out of your time.

When preparing to go overseas and recently arrived in your new land, there’s a lot to do: from money-saving to language-learning, form-filling out, job/flat and friend-searching, you’ll be busy as a bee. 

But it’s a good sort of busy.

Here on the Souls of My Shoes, soon to be expats and gypsyish chasers of the unknown will find an informative, slightly irreverent point of reference as they plan their grand departure. 
So, grab a tasty beverage, comfy chair and have peek though the travel stories, how to’s and tips on cash saving and getting oriented in a new land.

I’m glad you’re coming along…Here’s to you and your grand departure!


5 thoughts on “About

    1. Hey, thanks for dropping by! I’m not in Peru anymore, unfortunately. I spent two and a half months in total and really, reeeally enjoyed it – though clearly there’s a lot more to see. I look forward to stopping by again one day!

  1. thanks for the cafe recommendations – I work in peru a few times a year, and more often than not, my favorites are closed by the time I come back….

    safe travels!

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