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Whether you’re looking for ideas for your own South American adventure, or curled up with a coffee on your couch indulging in a spot of sofa-travel, it’s great to see you here.   There’s a fair bit to read on the blog – *whew!* – so before getting bogged down in the archives, take a peek at these posts…

7 Undeniable, Unexpected (and Sometimes Unfortunate) Travel Truths

Is “La Garganta del Diablo” Worth a 4.5 Hour Wait?

The Men I Met at Tango Class

How To Get to Machu Picchu Without Breaking the Bank

I Survived My Scuba Course. Most Excellent.

Fabulous Hiking in Ecuador’s Cajas National Park – And a Warning

What the Hell is “Cholitas Luchadoras?”

Miraflores and Barranco: Top 6 Lima Coffee Shops to Be a Hipster At

Decadence and Decay in Recoleta Cemetery


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